Satire isn’t everything, but it’s a lot.

Teaching satire at an expensive, regional, private, liberal arts university means you get to work with exceptionally bright students. This piece is from two years ago, I think. If I could remember their names, I’d credit them, but alas, I end up with hundreds of students every year. This was one of my favorite final projects ever, though. Students are asked to create a sketch comedy, mini mockumentary, faux commercial or something else creative and funny with a bit of a bite. This was the first book mock-up ever, and I’m still in love with it.img_4533-e1496287944431.jpg

This is what summer break looks like.

Over the next few days (weeks), I’ll be working to get everything set up here. First priority is porting over the current stories from other publications, which will appear under “Work.” After that, I’ll go back as far as I think is sensible to find salient material in previously published articles, and I’ll build a page for old “The Parish” posts for those of you who remember the old blog. I fired it up again recently to handle a small dispute, and I’ll probably use the “Parish” link for those ongoing things in the future.