As a former pastor, I still have visceral responses to pastors who behave in ways that make it impossible for them to exercise moral or pastoral authority. Robert Jeffress has been the most egregious offender lately. The senior pastor of First Baptist Dallas went fanboy yesterday in the Oval Office. I just don’t think obsequious and fawning should ever describe a minister of any faith. He’s clearly as unfit as his hero to carry out his tasks. Even the Southern Baptist Convention deserves better.

More problematic, though, is the admonition to ignore the “fake news media.” Who exactly comprises the fake news media? Does he include the outlets currently reporting on Donald Trump, Jr.’s meeting with a Russian attorney? The sloppy and partisan use of vague language comes far closer to electioneering and pandering than it does to using words of wise counsel for his congregants. He might just as well put on the jester hat, except jesters were prophets of a sort. Jeffress seems unable to find the truth he claims to represent, and it’s clear he’s guilty of violating the third commandment.