Keith Olbermann called for President Trump’s ouster from office yesterday. I’m a fan of Mr. Olbermann, especially the old ESPN Olbermann, but the political version of the pundit is not as likable as the sportscaster version. One seems to enjoy his job; the other takes himself too seriously.

This is the latest soteriological fantasy devouring the intellect of my liberal friends. I’m afraid that Article 4 of the 25th Amendment is not going to be invoked against President Trump for being an asshole. That, unfortunately, is not a reason to remove someone from office, except maybe a school or camp counselor. It also highlights an annoying trend in our political process, where “process” is taken to mean “shit we say on social media about politics.”

Just as every SCOTUS decision creates an abundance of legal experts who have no law degree, so too does every Trump moment of asshattery create Constitutional experts. The Constitution is like a word-a-day calendar in that you can learn a new thing by reading a new article every day. Unfortunately, though, as with the iconic desk calendars, learning a new thing does not teach you context, application or nuance. If you’ve ever read a freshman English paper, you understood immediately that knowing a word is not the same as knowing how it’s used.

Still, I do appreciate people reading the Constitution one article at a time as the need arises, but it’s like trying to fix your friends’ problems with a sporadic read of the DSM or PDR.